A Podcast on Life in the Law

Welcome! Come pull up a seat at the bar and join me for this podcast about what it means to be a lawyer—as well as what it’s like to leave our “jealous mistress,” as it is known. 

Passing the bar is a long and arduous process required to practice law here in the U.S. (along with three years of law school, and many other requirements). What’s more, depending on where or how you practice, you may have to pass the bar in a number of states!

Not long after I passed the bar myself, I began joking that it should have been called “entering the bar,” rather than “passing the bar,” since so many of our social functions revolved around alcohol. (Since I’ve been practicing for at least ten years, I’ve been making that joke for quite a while now.) So, I named this podcast in a nod to my favorite little joke….

In any case, “Entering the Bar”® is devoted to exploring what it means to be a lawyer; what it’s like to practice in different areas of the law; and how we can be creative, innovative, or simply meditative in our approach to the law. We’ll also explore what it’s like to leave that “jealous mistress,” and how our legal backgrounds can be helpful in new careers.

A Few Disclaimers

Since this a podcast produced by a lawyer, of course a couple of disclaimers have to be added here:

Opinions are expressed in a guest's individual capacity. All opinions on this site, which includes all podcast episodes, are expressed by Liz Lash and her guests in their individual capacities, and not on behalf of their employers, unless otherwise so stated.

We're not here to give you legal advice. While guests may, from time to time, discuss caselaw precedents and legal doctrines, they are expressing their opinion. No attorney-client relationship is or will be established by listening to a podcast episode!

A Brief Bio

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Liz Lash is a lawyer, writer, and podcaster. She graduated from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in 2007, and has been practicing law (more or less!) ever since. Along the way, she has prosecuted securities fraud in New Jersey, interpreted the Dodd-Frank Act for a retail foreign exchange brokerage firm (try saying that five times fast!), helped get contracts rolling for cybersecurity investigations and breach notifications, and, most recently, has entered the fray into the wide world of privacy law.