Puppet Ponies and a Slow Saturday Night: A Conversation with Cara Parmigiani, Attorney-At-Law

On this episode, I speak with Cara Parmigiani, solo practitioner and multi-talented comic book artist, writer, producer, martial arts practitioner—and new mother. (From now on, I’ll simply call call her my “hero lawyer,” clearly!)

We discuss Cara’s ongoing creative venture, called “Pony and Pony: Ponies-at-Law,” about the adventures of Tristan and Pascal, sibling puppet ponies (and proud Seton Hall Law graduates) intent on opening a law practice. Originally a comic, Cara first turned this concept into a short film, then into a webisode called “Pony Radio.” She’s now in the process of transforming it into a musical. (Get your tickets before they’re hot, folks!) Cara and I also chat about how a slow Saturday night inspired the film, how her ponies graduated from law school even before she did (natch!) and how she managed to film an amazing number of webisodes in one day. (Hint: it took a lot of organization, some professorial expertise, and a few puppeteers’ patience—and their forearm strength….)

Cara and I also discuss her decision to open a solo practice—on Labor Day, no less—and its many benefits: from managing a variety of legal matters, to helping triage issues at the outset, to the potential to become close with clients. And, of course, the ultimate benefit: never having a boring day!

As for those interested in opening a solo practice, Cara advises that you shouldn’t “not do something because you’re afraid,” but on the other hand, “don’t commit malpractice!” We discuss the resources out there for those want to follow in her footsteps; the many advantages of a clerkship; and the simple value of attending cases in open court to learn from attorney appearances—both good and bad.

Finally, we chat about the really important stuff: how Cara’s mother was right (hope you’re listening, Cara’s mom!); how Legally Blonde is way more realistic than the Paper Chase (that is, if you want to truly be prepared for law school); and how Seton Hall Law will open a lot of doors—just not any hotel room doors! Plus, the all-important no-drinking-for-24-hours-before-anything-meaningful rule that Cara now has, thanks to Johnny Depp, a hangover, and an infamous hockey game…

You can learn more information about Cara and her practice, here; and about Puppet Ponies, here.

P.S. For those of you with an ear for music, we had a little bit of unintentional accompaniment from the band playing next door…it’s always an experience to record!

P.P.S. And more exciting news! The music featured on this week's episode (and all future episodes) is called “Entering the Bar Theme Music,” composed by Sam Carden for Entering the Bar®.

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